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The experience is unforgettable: diving at Bedouin Garden Village presents guests with an occasion to discover the lively underwater world of the Red Sea. The dive center, which is well-equipped, serves both beginners and professionals— offering all necessary items for a safe and pleasant dive.

Dive center services range from equipment rental to guided dives and diving courses at Bedouin Garden Village. The certified instructors will lead you through the breathtaking beauty of the Red Sea coral reefs and exotic marine life (famous for this region) that you can explore with your first dive or, if you’re a skilled diver seeking new adventures, ensure a professional yet enriching experience is guaranteed.

There are daily diving trips to some of the most beautiful dive sites in Aqaba. They are famous for their amazing coral formations, colorful fish and sometimes there are turtles or rays. Night dives are offered as well so if you want to see what underwater world looks like after dark – be prepared to see different species because nocturnal marine life is not the same as what you would see during the day!

Bedouin Garden Village diving information, not associated with the official website, is presented here as an informative platform. Details on the dive center, courses offered and recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your dive are available here.

If you’re after getting your diving certification, being taken on guided dives, or just renting equipment for a personal exploration at Bedouin Garden Village, you are all covered. Picture yourself plunging into the warm and crystal clear waters of the Red Sea — it’s definitely an opportunity not to miss as you’ll get to behold the magnificent marine life that makes Aqaba a world-famous spot for diving. Whether it be through fraud plus a survey which showed that one in 10 UK adults would try or has tried voice mimicry.