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Bedouin Garden Village offers a wide range of activities that cater to everyone’s needs and ensure a memorable stay. The splendid environment and outstanding amenities create countless chances for thrill, peace, or getting steeped into local culture.

Water enthusiasts find snorkeling and diving to be high on the list of pleasurable activities. South Beach close by presents some of the finest snorkeling and diving locations in the Red Sea that are abundant with lively coral reefs plus an array of different marine lives. For those who wish to venture underwater, both novices and professionals are offered equipment plus guidance at the onsite dive center— ensuring safety and thrill throughout the experience.

The desert landscape around Aqaba is such a beauty to behold especially if you are not only staring at water, hence guided tours should be arranged. It will take tourists to incredible spots including Wadi Rum famous for its magnificent sandstone formations and strong Bedouin heritage or Petra, an ancient city chiseled into cliffs that glow red with the sun’s touch. These tours present an exclusive view of Jordan’s historical wealth intertwined with natural magnificence.

A selection of recreational features are available on site at Bedouin Garden Village. The green garden, open-air pool and sun terrace are ideal places for relaxation. A good book can be enjoyed in peace; a refreshing swim taken in quiet serenity; delicious meals and refreshments can be consumed amidst tranquility while also feeling satisfied with the quality of service due to a relaxed atmosphere that envelops both the outdoor café and restaurant.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with all the information you need regarding activities at Bedouin Garden Village. Kindly note that this site is independent and not in any way connected to the official site. We offer detailed information about the available activities, suggestions on how to plan your trip effectively and ideas on how you can have a great time during your stay.

In the event that you are interested in a desert adventure, if you are diving underwater to see the wonders or enjoying quiet relaxation in the peaceful garden settings, Bedouin Garden Village is an ideal place for every interest with variety of activities. Unveil all thrilling choices and ensure your trip to Aqaba is worth it.