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Dining at Bedouin Garden Village is an enjoyable adventure where local tastes intertwine with international flavors. An indoor restaurant plus outdoor cafe serving a range of dishes — sure to please every taste bud — ensuring that every meal becomes a standout memory during your time here.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of meals that range from the typical Bedouin recipes to fresh sea food and well-known international plates. It is a place where visitors can have strong breakfasts, lengthy lunches and delicious dinners while in an environment that is friendly and comfortable. Locally produced fresh ingredients make sure that every meal is tasty and genuine: grilled meats, rich stews, fish just out of water… all delicacies are meticulously crafted to echo the cultural tapestry of their origin region.

The outdoor café would be more suited for a relaxed and less formal dining experience. It is located amidst the green gardens of the village which provides a peaceful atmosphere where visitors can enjoy light snacks plus refreshing drinks and desserts full of flavor. The spot is perfect for winding down after a day of touring Aqaba or engaging in diving activities at the Red Sea; guests are welcome to partake in freshly brewed coffees, organic fruit juices, pastries that vary in taste — all while basking in tranquility.

This site is an information-sharing platform about the dining alternatives available at Bedouin Garden Village, and it has no association with the official website. In this place, you can come across a host of details concerning what’s on the menus, what special dietary options there are for you, and what your experiences while dining would be like at the village.

Bedouin Garden Village has something to offer, whether you’re looking for a full-course meal or just a quick bite. Discover what our menus consist of and enjoy an experience that will leave you feeling completely satisfied during your time here.