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The Bedouin Garden Village is situated 100 meters from South Beach in Aqaba. We’re a colorful garden oasis near the Red Sea with a pool, restaurant and dive center. South Beach is well known for diving and snorkeling. Our lodging is an oasis in the desert filled with lush plants to keep you cool from the sun.

The Bedouin Garden Village, located in Aqaba’s quiet area is a perfect mix of traditional Bedouin warm welcome and up-to-date facilities. People staying here can easily merge into the lively local culture yet not miss out on what the present day living offers for comfort. This place would appeal greatly to those keen on diving explorations given its close location to South Beach which serves as an entry point for discovering the undersea marvels of the Red Sea. The cool green gardens in the middle of hot desert recreate their own little world: far from heat and hustle-bustle creating a perfect peaceful atmosphere where one can unwind.

Bedouin Garden Village is what this website is all about: an information platform that stands independent from the official site. Here, visitors can find detailed information on the different services and amenities available at the village plus tips on how to maximize their stay at Aqaba. This place plans to help potential guests make a decision if they are planning a diving adventure or a family vacation or maybe just seeking some peace during a retreat.

The Bedouin Garden Village, situated in a prime spot in Aqaba and with its exceptional charm, is sure to catch the eye as one of the best places to visit. The blending of these natural lovelies with a rich cultural tapestry— not forgetting high-quality amenities— promises an unforgettable stay for all who choose this destination. Delve into what is available here: let it inspire your next vacation journey to this oasis that truly captivates the soul.